staffing during the holidays

Staffing During the Holidays

Sometimes the holiday season brings more than good cheer. Here’s a list of a few things to think about during the holidays and the New Year. #2020 This article will cover the following Solutions:  Staffing solutions for Hiring Managers Job Hunt tips for Retail Employees Solutions for Marketers Solutions for 2020 (including A.I., Automation, and Training) Why the Rush? …

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Suspicious Recruiter and fake recruiter

Why Am I Getting Calls From Fake Recruiters

Why Am I Getting Calls From Fake Recruiters? Summary: We wrote this article in an effort to help job candidates that have been scammed by false or misleading job openings, usually advertised by telephone operators overseas.  The Klein HR Solutions team covers: How to report fake recruiters How to detect phishing schemes How to question …

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Man sitting at coffee shop with celllphone

How HR Can Help Drive Sales Success

Summary: In this article we demonstrate how HR Directors and HR Managers can set the type of company culture that boost sales and positively affect bottom-line revenues.  Introduction Not all business leaders fully understand the contribution HR makes. Many people still view HR as a purely “support” or “administrative” position. However, we believe that with …

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3 Dangerous Dime-Store Philosophies in HR

Summary: Just because these sayings get repeated around the office does not make them true. 3 Dangerous Dime-Store Philosophies in Human Resources A dime-store philosophy is defined as a “cheap, one-size-fits-all explanation about life.” They consist of clichés, banal sayings, and empty truisms.  Much advice about business ends up being taken out of context. A …

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Summary: How Human Resource (HR) Directors can calculate the bottom-line return that their initiatives bring to the organization.  Calculating HR’s Direct Impact on the Bottom Line   “Show me the money” has become a battle cry for many executives demanding that any new HR initiative shows its value before its implementation. Executives are also curious to …

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A.I. Pexels photo by Alex Knight

AI Driven HR

A.I. Driven HR Summary: How to apply artificial intelligence in HR. This article shows HR professionals in organizations how to change the culture so that employees are more adaptive to technological change, while also implementing and adopting AI in the HR department itself.  Part 1: What is A.I.  Part 2: Creating Momentum to Adopt A.I. …

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