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A manager’s role usually consists of training and supervising their departments or a group of people within a company. A business has the potential to grow and expand with the right team, which all begins with hiring the right leadership. So what is the difference between an okay manager and a great manager?

Below you will find our list of 5 things that great managers do differently: 

  1. Great managers get to know the people who work for them! This is one of the most critical steps in becoming a good leader. Understanding their worker’s strengths and weaknesses will allow them to delegate the work appropriately. This process will ensure the job gets done quicker and more effectively with a team that is happy, motivated and feels heard, understood, and supported by their manager.
  2. Great managers become a part of the team. When employees are falling behind, understaffed, or feeling stressed, it is imperative that a great manager jumps in to provide that missing helping hand. Managers who do not view themself as above their employees but as part of the team gain more respect. They are also usually compensated by employees wanting to go above and beyond to make sure their work is done properly.
  3. Great managers stand by their team! No one likes to work under stress, but it’s even worse when one of your team members feels like they have been thrown under the bus by the person who should have stood up for them. By standing up for your employees, during the good times when everything is running smoothly, and the not-so-good times when human errors have been made, will create loyalty among the team. Doing this will also gain the respect of your staff and colleagues.
  4. Great managers trust their employees to get the job done. Micromanaging and nitpicking their every mistake will only make your team lose respect and feel as if they have to always be on edge. Micromanaging is also a sign that you don’t trust your team.
  5. Great managers communicate honestly! Understand how to break things down and what to say to your team to keep up their morale without giving them false hope. Transparency is everything. 

Maintaining a successful business starts with having a great manager leading the right team.

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