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“Strategic Workforce Planning is the practice of mapping an organization’s people strategy with its business strategy so they work in sync.” -

Performance Predicated on People


As your HR consultant, we assist in the management of all phases in the talent management process and ensure they support the bottom line. Our aim is to ensure you have an adaptable workforce that can meet the demands of all your stakeholders. In our time together, we hope that you will trust us to help build an organization with clearly defined and well-organized roles and responsibilities that are responsive to employee’s value proposition in today’s marketplace.

Intelligent Forecasting of Workforce Needs

Klein HR Solutions diligently works with businesses to identify shortage of qualified talent through objective measures, including gap analysis, headcount analysis, and workforce planning.

How We Do It

Job analysis and evaluation, workforce planning, recruitment, initial screening, selection, training, performance management, and organizational exit are interconnected phases of a sequential and interdependent process. This enables leadership to define job responsibilities, set clear goals for improvement, and identify areas where workforce training for staff members is needed.

Culture Setting

Change can be difficult. As your agent for change, we will work towards minimizing disruption to your organization to identify talent, talent gaps, and the workload that needs to be performed.

We use the following tools to provide your employees with a clear vision and clear expectations for performance, as well as strategically plan for future demands by using job analysis and performance appraisals in tandem to effectively manage and forecast workplace needs.

  • Strategic Gap Analysis
  • Strategic Workplace Planning
  • Job Analysis/Job Descriptions
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Culture (define and build)
  • Process and Protocol
  • Succession Planning
  • Talent Management