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We have talked about quiet quitting and quiet firing, but what is “Quiet Hiring”? According to Purewow.com, “quiet hiring is an HR tactic used to promote internal talent mobility and allows an organization to “acquire new skills and capabilities without adding new full-time employees.” In other words, it means giving current employees more responsibility, sometimes outside their domain—no actual hiring taking place”.

Social media has taken the workforce by storm and highlighted some toxic traits many companies follow. Society has started to accept and understand the effects of mental health and the steps to make a change. Employees are no longer afraid to speak out and demand better and they are using platforms like TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to do so!

At this moment in time, there are more job openings than there are employees to fill those positions. Because of this, employees are starting to voice their concerns about unfair treatment and may have a higher list of demands before even accepting a position. For many years, there have been companies that have demanded their employees work more, for less. Over time, this has resulted in burnout and low employee morale. 

More and more companies are introducing their staff to quiet hiring, and in reality, this can be a happy medium for all involved. This tactic may not work for every employer or company, but it can help many that are struggling with high employee turnover and other issues that arise. 

According to Recruiter.com, “The strategy for quiet hiring is looking at the organization from a leadership level and assessing all of the talent you have at your company. It would help if you found where there are any skill gaps and figure out how to fill those. You can train existing employees to acquire new skills and talents without needing to hire new staff. For this to work, the company and leadership must be as open and transparent as possible with employees. Explain the company’s priorities and why you are making this shift. Communicate that you aren’t making employees work two roles but temporarily shift their focus.”

Here are some benefits to quiet hiring:

– It can be a cost- effective for the company. You can utilize current employees’ skills to customize any unmanned roles. 

– Increases morale – Employees will feel appreciated and valued. 

– Provides comfort to the employees with ‘room for growth’ within the company.

– Improves work flow

Foxbusiness.com says, “The key is identifying areas of need, assessing existing skill sets and sharing equal ownership in decisions. Taking on more responsibility helps professionals build their skills and career visibility and position themselves for advancement and greater compensation when conditions improve .”


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