The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many workers to lose their jobs, and as they adjusted their lives, many have pursued new career paths. As the pandemic loosens its grip and life opens up, many employers are finding themselves actively and desperately looking for new workers. This is a very unusual time in the marketplace to find talent. Everywhere you go there are “Help Wanted” signs. This is a major change from the past few years where workers were actively seeking employment and organizations could sit back and interview multiple applicants.

Recruiting good employees requires creativity and solid research. Newer technology makes it easier for job offerings and requirements to be publicized, however, connecting with qualified candidates takes much more than that.  Employers need to find new ways to make their company’s career opportunities more noticeable and in this blog, we will discuss ways companies can stand out from the rest to attract top talent.

Develop A Recruitment Strategy

Plan a recruitment strategy for all levels of job seekers. It should include basic approaches from using job board postings and employee referral programs to external recruiting agencies. All aspects of the recruiting process need to be in order to effectively hire the best people and also to avoid any potential negative governmental action based on conceived bias.

Recruit Smart

Initial contacts with recruits are often phone or video interviews before an in-person interview. While this is the first impression of the candidate, it is also their first impression of the organization. Keep questions interesting and don’t rely on traditional interview questions such as, “where do you see yourself in five years?”

In today’s job environment, employers need to sell their job opportunities and get the potential recruit excited about the company. Candidates should be treated respectfully as their time is important and interviews whether remote or in-person should be punctual.  Potential employees should be made to feel as comfortable as if they were prospective clients. Interviewers should make themselves available for questions before and after the interview process.

Job Descriptions

Job descriptions should be already in place unless a new position is being created. Job descriptions should be clear so that there are no surprises after a recruit is hired. Make the requirements specific but not so detailed that few people can meet them. Make the job sound interesting and not just a list of duties. A concise summary of the position should be included to give prospective candidates a clear picture of the job and how it fits into the company’s overall goals.

Employee Referrals

The recruiting of friends and family of current employees is an excellent way to expand the staff. Very often like-minded individuals socialize and discuss areas of interest which often center on work activities. Adding in a “finders bonus” for existing employees encourages your good employees to act as an internal recruiting agency. One caution is that hiring family members can become problematic in the future by limiting career paths if there are policies limiting family members from working together.

Perks & Incentives

Today’s potential candidates are looking for more than “just a job”.  Basic medical insurance, 401(k) savings plans, and minimum vacation/PTO days are almost expected and are not sufficient to lure top talent anymore. Consider offering unique benefits that other employers are not, like daycare for children, pet insurance, flexible hours, etc. These perks should be addressed at the initial discussion. Requests from the candidate should also be considered within reason.

Remote Work

Remote working should be a consideration when hiring in this day and age. Many employees are leaving long-time positions for remote work for many different reasons, including saving on the commute time, having more flexibility, being able to take care of an elderly parent/child, etc. You can read more about the benefits of remote work for the employer and employee here —>

Social Media and Online Recruiting

The job market has changed and it is a job-seekers market right now. Recruiters should use this social media opportunity to sell the job and not just list daily functions.

Social media is an excellent tool for getting career opportunities out to the public and reach talent that may not have found out about the opening otherwise. Many people network today through social media, so much so, that even if you do not directly reach a potential recruit, a social media user may have a friend of a friend who knows the perfect person for a specific position and share the job opportunity with that person using the power of social networking.

Peer Interviews

Interviews by professional HR staff or managers can often be intimidating and not fully explanatory about the details of a job. Consider including in the interview process a person who is already doing the job duties or working in the area. Their contribution of explaining specifics of the job can be a major benefit in selling the recruit on the position. They also are more knowledgeable of what a candidate needs to perform the daily functions.

Employers truly need a compelling story that highlights why a future hire should join an organization. Consider incorporating a video or YouTube segment from current employees to relay why they work and stay at your organization.

Be Realistic

Quite often, particularly in today’s flexible job market, employers are left looking for a recruit to quickly fill a vacant position. Staffing is tight and the emphasis is on finding someone to hire and start immediately. There are better ways to fill an open slot in your organization. Take a breath and as stated earlier, have a plan to find the right candidate and not just someone to fill a vacancy.

Use a Professional

Locating candidates that are looking for a position that can help you meet your company’s goals is not something that owners or even managers necessarily have the time nor ability to do. This is where a true HR professional can help. An HR professional can see potential opportunities and vet the best candidates for a position. They can also connect with potential employees who may have not even considered switching positions but when approached, are open to negotiating.

Need new ideas on how to find the best people to work at your company? In today’s changing job market, managers can not just sit back and wait for qualified applicants to apply. Let us at Klein HR Solutions help you to develop a strategy that will ensure that you find the best candidates to help you accomplish your organizational goals.

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