There is no question that the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected our lives in 2020, both personal and career-wise. Working from home or not working at all has caused many people to look carefully at their lives and consider what they are doing now vs. what they would like to be doing in the future.

As positive as we all want to be, a good portion of 2021 may not be much different than 2020 when it comes to job function and security. Vaccines are coming but COVID restrictions may still apply for much of the coming year. Research estimates show that 42% of pandemic-induced layoffs are resulting in permanent job loss. This is causing many to question their future as well as the outlook for the job market. NOW is the time to consider whether a change in career or professional goals is the best path.

Major changes in professional goals can be uncomfortable, even frightening to most people but often necessary sometimes more than once in our lifetime. Minor changes can often be done with just some serious thought as to what you want to do and how to make the changes. Major changes can involve relocation, additional education, and lifestyle changes. These decisions should not be taken lightly and it may be beneficial to seek the professional advice of a neutral third party to assist in the decision.

Why Work With A Career Coach?

A career coach can help you determine your short and long-term career goals and honestly review your skills. Using various techniques, a skills analysis can help to determine if your goals are obtainable. A knowledgeable coach can help you view different possibilities and help develop a plan for reaching those goals. Career coaches work with many levels of employees including:

  • Young adults transitioning to the working world from college
  • Individuals looking towards moving up the corporate ladder
  • Entrepreneurs who wish to advance to the next level within their company
  • Individuals moving to a completely different industry or looking for a career change
  • Persons shifting into a new stage of life such as semi-retirement

What Is Your Ultimate Career Goal?

Unfortunately, most people do not gather enough information to see what their career choices actually require.

Using a career coach’s services can help you establish well-defined, measurable, & realistic goals. Part of the process includes developing a clear action plan enabling you to organize yourself and set a definable path to reach the end goal. Many people assume that this can easily be done on their own, but without the proper training, it can be challenging to see what is achievable and even figuring out how to get started.

A good career coach can clarify and help you navigate through these life changing decisions.

Why Choose Tammy Klein As Your Career Coach?

The role of any career coach is to help clients increase their confidence, enhance their interpersonal and leadership skills, and plan any desired or necessary career path changes. The key is to be realistic. Tammy can help you by providing a fact-based, non-emotional review of your skillset and how it aligns with your envisioned goals.

Tammy’s honesty in assessing your current situation, lifestyle needs, and future professional development is the key to making a minor or major adjustment in your employment path & career goals. She offers much more support than just helping with skill development and plans.  Her wide array of professional contacts can also help you increase your network and get connected to the right people.

Tammy also helps with:

  • Outplacement Service
  • Long-Term Career Planning
  • Identifying Realistic Career Paths
  • Effective Resume and Cover Letters and Thank You Letters
  • Job and Internship Search
  • Marketing/Branding Yourself
  • Interview Preparation – Anticipate Questions & Answers
  • Salary and Benefits  Negotiation Before Signing 

Get In Touch

Career coaching and employment planning are more important now than ever before. Requirements can be tighter, job experience more structured and everyone could use a little help from a professional.

A quick note from Tammy:

“I have worked with clients who were given the opportunity to utilize my outplacement services and many of them are pivoting since they have been in a particular industry here in South Florida that has been tremendously impacted and they have had no choice but to look to other industries. Talent is needed at most companies.

Companies that offer outplacement services for departing employees are truly doing the right thing and are interested in the wellbeing of their former employees. I remain optimistic about the job market as we look forward to a COVID-free society hopefully soon.”

Tammy Klein – Klein HR Solutions

Making use of Tammy’s outplacement services can provide opportunities and strengthen your marketability.

It has been shown that using a coach to help you plan, can result in a career worth an average of $9,000+ more salary per year compared to not using one.

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