Technology companies must constantly evolve their strategies and offerings due to the ever-changing needs of their clients. With the evolution of working from home due to the ongoing pandemic, companies, especially tech companies, have had to shift their learning and development to 100% virtual almost overnight. 

Working from Home, Working Remote, Working Hybrid

As we turn a corner with the pandemic and offices are re-opening allowing for employees to return, the HR role within tech companies has also had to evolve to keep up with the changes. Between pivoting working from an in an office setting to quickly working from home, now transitioning back to the office, or hybrid situations has created large gaps of disconnect, inefficiencies, and greater isolation between the employees and management. Human Resources in this tech environment is key to contain these disruptions.

The employees that continue to work from home may feel the employees that are back in the office will be looked to first for advancement opportunities, raises, and support, while they will be kept on the backburner, or also feel like their position is always in jeopardy. Out of sight, out of mind…But are they wrong for thinking or feeling this way?

It’s important that if you do offer work from home opportunities, while other employees are working in the office, or a hybrid of the two options, that all team members be treated as equally as possible. Setting up team-building exercises, encourage employees that are working from home to reach out and offer them the same support as those that are working from the office whenever possible. 

Tech Employee Burnout

Using collaborative tools, companies have been able to adapt in many ways to allow for remote working, however, what this has caused is more employee monitoring. This in turn has increased productivity due to employees feeling the constant need to prove themselves to their employers that they are indeed working while not being in eyesight. But it has also encouraged employees to work additional hours outside of their traditional work schedule, which is leading to stress and burnout

Top 10 Human Resources Issues Tech Companies Are Facing   

  1. Incorporating AI into their business including in HR functions
  2. Recruiting and retaining top talent
  3. Handling remote onboarding
  4. Mitigating security threats and issues
  5. Providing instant access to employee benefits
  6. Managing turnover remotely
  7. Working with a multigenerational team
  8. Remote contractors 
  9. Payroll costs
  10. Employee Burnout

The entire employee experience has shifted with the pandemic, and it’s important that tech companies stay on top of these shifts in order to retain talent, and also be able to service their clients efficiently. Embracing the technology available, including the new tech for HR services, is imperative to the continued success of the business, and the happiness of the employees.

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