Hiring recent college graduates differs greatly today from past decades. One of the things that we have noticed is that new graduates have specific expectations of their employers that didn’t exist even as near as a decade ago.

These days, College grads want their employers to offer them opportunities and the space to grow within their chosen career paths, not just a paycheck and benefits. Though both of those items also highly influence a candidate’s decision in taking on a role with a new company.

Companies need to consider these desires as they hire college graduates. The recent pandemic has shifted the way young workers perceive success. Some employers may still feel that after onboarding a new employee, it is their responsibility to grow and develop in the role over time. However, it really is the hiring employer’s responsibility to keep investing in the employees for the long-term health and prosperity of the business.

What Are Some Ways To Attract And Retain New Graduates?

Prompt Promotions – Forty percent of college seniors anticipate that they will rise in the ranks during their first year in a full-time position. Certain companies or positions are currently unable to extend these rapid promotions to workers, so some restructuring of roles may be needed in order to obtain this goal.

On-Going Training – One thing that can make a difference is showcasing a company’s training programs to potential new college grad hires. A new hire may accept a position if they see that other company employees have benefited from these programs while working for the business.

Strong Benefits – Young job candidates are increasingly attracted to traditional and non-traditional benefits. Some of these benefits can include flexible paid time off, 401(k) with match, medical and dental insurance plans, paid gym memberships, company-provided lunches, maternity and paternity leave, and more.

Remote Work or Flexible Hours – Many college graduates expect a greater work-life balance in the wake of the pandemic. There are many ways that employers can promote flexibility while not compromising the success of the company. One way is by exploring remote work options. Many businesses’ first instinct with remote work is that it is a nightmare for keeping track of employees and productivity, however with all the new technology available for remote employees and companies, that is no longer as much of an issue as it was in the past.

Workplace Connections – Avoid potential resignations by fostering a strong and healthy company culture. Hire with intention and make sure the employees get to know one another. One of the best ways to encourage growth is by connecting and witnessing the successes of colleagues.

Final Thoughts

Hiring recently graduated college students may seem like a greater challenge today than ever before. And while it may be challenging to hire college grads these days don’t take your eye off of hiring the right people for the right roles. However, as we look ahead, it is important to remember to always stay on track with the latest trends, benefits, employees’ wants, and needs while not compromising your business’s bottom line.

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