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The outbreak of COVID-19 changed many people’s way of life, personally and professionally. Not only were many suffering due to their own health issues, family members, and friends, but their financial health was also threatened. This was due to many jobs being eliminated, hours reduced, and others transitioning to working from home during this time. Luckily, some were able to find new jobs, while others have either remained unemployed or underemployed.

Fortunately, job opportunities are on the rise. Industries that took the biggest hit during the pandemic like the hospitality and travel businesses are now the areas where there are a lot of opportunities. For many, this is the perfect time to get back into a career they enjoy.

However, a new issue has come up for many job seekers. When applying for these positions, some employers are not taking note of things that job candidates had to handle during the pandemic. There has been a tendency by many interviewers to not take into account the recent economic issues, and instead, there is the question coming to many job candidates about why there may be gaps or underemployment in their job history.

Apart from the pandemic, people may not be in the correct positions due to a myriad of situations that are beyond their control. Luckily, not all people hiring are worried about employment gaps and employment instability, but many still are and will ask questions about those resume gaps.

If a person does have gaps in their employment history due to the pandemic, there are several good options on how to handle this. The first piece of advice would be to remain honest on your resume. If there are gaps, do not try to manufacture information to fill those as that can backfire.

If the gap is due to the pandemic, and not due to personal performance on a job, then state that in your resume. Be prepared, however, to indicate the things you have done during the pandemic. This should include any new training, side jobs, or even volunteering.

Prepare a cover letter that explains what you have been doing during the shutdown. Add those things that show how productive you have been during this time by highlighting any volunteering, freelance work, certifications, courses, or organization memberships you have taken part in. Take the time to seek out different companies that might be interested in your specific abilities and focus on working with them. Also, be willing to take on short-term jobs where you can show your specific talents and put them on your resume.

What History Has Taught Us

There have been other times in history where massive layoffs have taken place. The pandemic has not been the only time. When things like this occur and there is a resume gap, it might be a good time to receive assistance from a human resources & career coaching professional that is able to find & prepare you for new opportunities. In working with these types of services, make sure to be honest and open about things you have done and learned, especially during an employment gap.

Important Tips:

  • Focus on the positive and not the negative of your situation.
  • A smile and exuding positive energy can go a long way while interviewing.
  • Never underestimate the power that social media can have on your employment endeavors.
  • Be mindful of your online activity that can be easily found in a Google search.

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