At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, workforce system disruption caused a significant change in how many companies operate. Companies have had to embrace remote working and adopt procedures and policies to help the transition be as seamless as possible. In 2022, businesses will have to deal with new challenges as the world goes back to a sense of normalcy. Here are some of the HR issues that many companies will face in 2022.

Embracing Remote Work

As we roll into 2022, companies must be open to creating flexible work systems and schedules to retain their most valuable and trusted employees. Companies will have to be flexible and compromise with employees as many will want to continue to work from home permanently. Although it can be an ideal situation for the employee as it offers convenience and flexibility, especially if they are taking care of other family members and personal chores, it can also come with a set of unique challenges as it increases responsibilities to the company. Some of these include:

• Potential changes in the contract/job functions for part-time and full-time employees.
• Remote IT support for employees operating equipment off-site.
• Recovery of company property after resignation or layoffs.
• Optimization of communication strategies while remote working.
• Make sure morale is being boosted while offsite and setting up employee check-ins regularly.

Employee Retention and Acquisition

Unfortunately, once COVID-19 hit, many companies resorted to laying off talented employees to help keep afloat and avoid bankruptcy. Others cut into employees’ working hours, and also choose to look at other prospects while offering lower wages. The devastating effects of these actions are still being seen going into 2022, and companies are continuing to struggle in finding new hires and top-tier talent.

Cultivate a Fostering Environment

Companies need to have and encourage a nurturing culture by ensuring constant communication between their leadership and employees. This will help increase productivity as employees are aware of the company’s effort to prioritize their personal and emotional needs. Employee retention, in the long run, can save a company’s existing client relationships as well as build new ones, their time, and their money.

Clients that deal with companies with excessive turnover may look for other options if they feel unstable or unsure of a business’s future.

Legal and Compliance Issues

Companies must be on the lookout for legal issues that arise with remote working. They have to ensure compliance with all federal and legal laws, besides ensuring that all FMLA, Title VII, and ADA accommodations are handled, as well as offer advice on management or remote workforce on pandemic policies, especially medical policies or undue hardship.

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