Face-to-face interaction is important in business relationships as well as personal ones. Unfortunately during the pandemic, this has not always been possible. In a business environment, impressions are made by close observance and management tends to recognize and reward those employees that they see as diligent, hard-working staff. Remote workers are often unseen and can feel that their efforts are not fully recognized by management. Remote workers need to know that they are valued and the effort they are putting in every day is appreciated. A quick text of “Good Job” is better than nothing but unfortunately, not much better. So…how can a company reward their hard-working employees who are working remotely?

Allow Flexibility

Working remotely often presents numerous distractions which were avoided when headed off to work. Kids, spouses, deliveries, pets, etc. can all require attention when you are “right there.” If a remote worker is not required to directly interact with co-workers is it really necessary that they start and stop at specific times? Flexibility of working hours is a major benefit of working remotely and starting 10 minutes later than normal office hours should be of no impact if assigned work is completed. Generally, people should be paid for what they accomplish and not merely for attendance. Offering the flexibility of hours can be of a major benefit to both early birds and night owls without jeopardizing work efficiencies.

Opportunity to Learn

Good employees are always willing to learn and expand their horizons. This could be business or skills-related or on a personal development level. Providing the opportunity through pre-paid courses is a benefit that your most valued workers would appreciate and by creating a more well-rounded individual, it would benefit the organization as well. 


Recognizing a hard-working employee’s efforts remotely is more difficult than having everyone gather around a cubicle and providing a quick speech and applause. But it can be done through our modern technology. Extra effort should be noted and broadcast to the group. Recognition that is directly sent to a specific worker is valuable but not as much as that seen by co-workers. Let everyone know who is doing a super job and that they are appreciated.

Company Gifts

Shirts, coffee mugs, pens are always a good way to provide a worker with a feeling of belonging and being a member of a team. Sitting at a remote screen all day an employee can lose their corporate identity. Seeing the logo on a cup or wearing a company golf shirt is a nice reminder as well as an appreciated gift. Stay-safe kits would also be a welcome gift. Masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer especially with the corporate logo could be a big benefit.

Maintain Connections

  • Conduct online team meetings to celebrate members’ successes of the week.
  • Organize a virtual social event such as music favorites discussions or online games
  • Identify and communicate closely with individuals who may not be thriving in a remote environment
  • Set up inter-team communication so company-wide coordination is maintained


Create an online newsletter that would be informative about company progress during the pandemic and explain proposed plans for getting back to normal.  The newsletter would also be an ideal vehicle for broadcasting kudos to employees that have excelled even with the stress of the remote working environment. Use the newsletter to replace (temporarily) the office chat where personal information is shared. “Water cooler” chats about birthdays, baby showers, vacation plans; general chat is one of the most missed items about remote working. Allowing employee contributions to the newsletter would also foster team spirit.

Get Personal

Working remotely can be efficient without office distractions but most people miss the personal touch and interaction with their hard-working co-workers. Recognize your employees’ need for this camaraderie by checking in occasionally, sending a quick email or text just to let them know you are aware of their efforts and that you are available if they need you. Encourage the same exchanges with team members and other teams.

Remote or Not?

As the restraints of the pandemic lockdown begin to ease, the necessity of remote working may be declining. But over the past year, some of your employees may have embraced the new working environment and if given the choice might prefer to continue working remotely, even if on a part-time basis. Allowing this new working environment can be a reward for those interested and if you can maintain flexibility, it could benefit all.

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