Leading Teams with Humanity

by Nyrka Riskin and Tammy Klein

Leading Teams with Humanity

It is a great time to consider leading teams with humanity.  More than ever, teams are in need of an outstanding level of support in order to meet the current demands of the workplace.  We reached out to business owners and executive-level leaders and asked a few questions related to effective team management during pandemic times.  The results came in and they are consistent!  There are four key team leadership concepts to consider while managing teams:


More than ever, team leaders need to be open to listening and communicating effectively with their team members.  Offering support through career and coaching programs and showing that you care about their personal lives as well as their career will foster trust and a stronger working relationship.  


Even though the business landscape is changing, business goals continue to be the driving force behind organizations.  Profits and losses still matter as well as team effectiveness and goal setting.  As a result, we tell our clients to consider launching team building workshops that promote team effectiveness which ultimately impacts P&L results.


When changes occur in the world markets, local economies, and organizations, teams should continue to adapt and reset strategies based on those changes.  Great leaders prepare their teams to re-strategize when necessary and manage unexpected changes in order to be successful.  Teams should be informed and prepared at all times to continue fostering a smooth sailing while keeping business objectives in mind and the overall success of the organization. A dynamic communications training program then is necessary for a highly effective team to function in an ever changing environment.    These programs always include high energy activities and opportunities for collaboration.


Keeping teams motivated is a challenge but with great leadership and team training, it can be achieved!  A unified, well-informed, and strong team, stays motivated, collaborates in unison, and achieves the mission and objectives of the organization.  Finally, every team should have the opportunity to sharpen their skills through team building activities, communication workshops, individual personality testing, and one on one coaching opportunities.

As we wrap up 2020, it is a great time to consider collaborative workshops and effective training offerings for teams. Staying abreast of the business landscape is not only necessary but needed before we focus on achieving team goals in 2021 and beyond.

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